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North Korea is accused violating an armistice agreement after its soldiers fired across the line that divides North and South Korea while chasing after a defecting North Korean solider (pictured, making a dash across between the two Koreas)Oh's condition was 'not surprising at all considering the North´s hygiene and parasite problems,' he said.

As Oh recovers, he has been captivated by American crime dramas and action movies since he woke up in the hospital, his doctor said on Wednesday.'We began turning on the television and playing music for him since yesterday' to help with his recovery, doctor Lee told reporters.

A study from Dankook University College of Medicine in South Korea in 2015 found that of 169 defectors, one in ten of the subjects had hepatitis B.

Of the 17 female subjects who provided stool samples, seven had parasites.

Under the Silla dynasty, Korea, which was one of the earliest of the nation-states to emerge, assumed many of the cultural, linguistic, and geographic features it maintains today.

After more than 100 years of peace, the kingdom was torn in the 9th century by conflicts among the aristocracy and by peasant uprisings.

It conquered the kingdom of Paekche to the southeast in 660 AD and the northern Korean kingdom of Koguryŏ, the largest of the three, in 668 AD.

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The toilet, thought to belong to Korean royalty in the eighth century AD, was uncovered during an archaeological dig in South Korea.

Experts believe that the quality of the build construction and the materials used suggest it would have been for use by a member of the royalty The device was found at a site northeast of Donggung Palace in the city of Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province.

This is around 170 miles (270 km) south east, as the crow flies, from the capital of Seoul In 1596, Sir John Harington described a forerunner to the modern flush toilet that he had installed at his house at Kelston in Somerset.

In 935 AD, the Silla was overthrown and the new Koryŏ dynasty was established.

The North Korean soldier who was shot several times when he dramatically defected earlier this month had hepatitis B when he crossed the DMZ, doctors who operated on the 24-year-old.And the oldest neolithic village in Britain, dating from circa 31st century BC, Skara Brae, Orkney, used a form of hydraulic technology for sanitation.