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09-Oct-2017 04:14

What can fans expect from season 2 and your character, Keisha?

This year we have a new addition to the cast, Denise Vasi, Stacey Dash is no longer with us.

And I feel when someone asks me a question it gives me the opportunity to straighten out the rumor or to straighten out the story that I do.

That’s not to say that every time some gossip comes out I say, “Ah, let me go straighten it out,” no, not that.

The synergy is there and we’re making a good product.

Have you reached out to Stacey since she parted ways with the show? We said Happy New Years to each other during New Years.

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But the last time that we actually communicated was New Years …

But again, this is a job and this is my profession so I have been hired to do my job and I’m committed to doing that. I’m excited that the season is taking off the way that it is, I’m excited that Denise has joined the cast and I’m excited about the chemistry that all three of us have now. So that’s half the battle won right there, is when you want to be here then you get a better product.

It’s not as heavy as it was last year, by no means.

Keisha is a little bit more vulnerable and open this year.

I think when you have a character so strong and opinionated as Keisha you have to find faults and some weaknesses in her.

But her ex also comes back and adds some different spice into her life, which causes problems with Malcolm. Also we have some great costars this year, we have La La, Chilli, Eve, Queen Latifah, Paula Patton. And I’m really excited to see the numbers that we do, which lets us know how much the fans like it. What are your thoughts on media outlets who dubbed season one, “embarrassing.” F**k’em!