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Pythons and other poisonous snakes cover the walls, and insects emit flames from their countless mouths, making the Unremitting Hell the hottest of all, where sinners, pains do not know a moment of rest.People here are made to climb extremely hot iron mountains and to swallow hot bullets which burn the victims bowels.Those who have stolen food from monks are moved by such a violent hunger and thirst that they end up eating each other..." Quoted from: "The Development of Mappo Thought in Japan" by Michele Marra in the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 1988, p. A description of the Avici hell appears in Carmen Blacker's The Katalpa Bow: A Study of Shamanistic Practices in Japan, pp.166-167: "A similar case can be found in the fourteenth-century work Taiheiki.This is pretty standard fare for Natalie Wood, but it is a rare treat to see Gene Kelly in a dramatic role.

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Noel himself warns Marjorie repeatedly that she's much too naive and conventional for him, but they nonetheless fall in love.

At once he made his way to the man's family and related his vision to them.