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For more information about using virtual mode to maintain the values in unbound columns, see the examples in the Data Grid View Check Box Column. For example, you can use virtual mode to implement a just-in-time data loading mechanism that retrieves only as much data from a networked database as is necessary for optimal performance.This scenario is particularly useful when working with large amounts of data over a slow network connection or with client machines that have a limited amount of RAM or storage space.For more information about the efficient use of cell styles, automatic sizing, selections, and row sharing, see Best Practices for Scaling the Windows Forms Data Grid View Control. We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions.Additional virtual-mode events let you enable specific functionality like user edits, row addition and deletion, and row-level transactions.Some standard Data Grid View events (such as events that occur when users add or delete rows, or when cell values are edited, parsed, validated, or formatted) are useful in virtual mode, as well.Because unbound columns are outside the data source, they are ignored by the data source's sorting operations. Data Grid View Combo Box Column class reference topics.Therefore, when you enable sorting in mixed mode, you must manage the unbound data in a local cache and implement virtual mode to let the Data Grid View control interact with it. If bound mode does not meet your performance needs, you can manage all your data in a custom cache through virtual-mode event handlers.

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The Event Args usually has a Cancel property that if set to true will block the user from leaving the data entry field (cell, textbox, etc.).hi there, this question have posted before also, but i ahave some more questions as well.

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