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In terms of alcoholism and having an effect on your child, there is a fine line to walk.A parent doesn’t have to be a raging drunk every night in order to have an effect; they don’t have to be arrested with an unusual DUI charge they don’t have to have the fridge stocked full of booze.

Should this be a parental example in a child’s life, there are chances the child will either become a “spendaholic” as well, or perhaps turn into a money-miser and refuse to spend the money on the things they actually need.

Should one of the parents have a habit of maxing out their credit cards, taking money from the other parent, foregoing the family’s needs because they saw something online they had to have, a big problem is being invited into the family home.

The breaking point for my father was when my mother quit her job to go on a vacation, without any plans for the future, without any job to return home to.

Nicodemus was a Pharisee, and in his capacity of sanhedrist, ( John ) was a leader of the Jews.

Christ, in the interview when Nicodemus came to him by night, calls him a master in Israel.When a child watches an adult drinking alcohol, they should be learning how to do so responsibly, as well as when times are considered “inappropriate/appropriate” for drinking, how to be safe while getting tipsy, etc.

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