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), but Jacinda has broken the curse and made actual films that people have paid money to see, including "Poseidon" and "Ladder 49." Hey, we didn't say they were GOOD movies. Dan Renzi - "The Real World: Miami" (1996) Aspiring model Dan Renzi was the token drama queen on "The Real World: Miami," most famous for freaking out on Melissa when she opened his letter.

After "The Real World" ended, he hit the reality circuit, including: "Love in the Real World (Real World Hook-ups)," "19 Degrees of Reality," and "MTV's Extreme Challenge 2001." These days Dan is an entertainment blogger. ," he comments on anything from Paula Abdul's antics on "American Idol" to his trip to a Mexican nudist camp with his boyfriend.

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You know a band must not be great if they can't capitalize on the fact that they have a major movie star for a bass player, but Becky did have limited success singing the theme song for the kid's show "Jojo's Circus." Ruthie Alcaide - "The Real World: Hawaii" (1999) Ruthie was the biggest hot mess in "Real World" history, constantly being dragged out of some Hawaiian bar in a drunken stupor, yet somehow you couldn't help but root for her.Since leaving the "Real World" and entering the actual real world, Jon still has country music dreams but hasn't had much success.