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It has more than 800 different modules that can be used for free.Installation is quick and easy, and it includes a number of features, such as text-based search and support for multiple environments.Otherwise, they may need to purchase the enterprise version, which has more than 2,000 pre-built configurations along with other options.Role-based access, orchestration, automation, an event inspector and more are all included in the paid version.Its command line interface, testing mode, and large database make it ideal for companies that need to store records for a large number of computers, or that have some unique needs.The capability to install or even create different modules makes this one of the most customizable configuration management options.Here are some key points of each of these products.

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Ansible uses Secure Shell (SSH) to provide a simple management tool with very strong security.

Puppet started out as a Dev Ops tool, but has become popular as a configuration management tool as well.