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We have previously discussed how lower monthly credit card payments are available through consumer credit counseling services and companies offering debt management plans.More banks began making direct offers to account holders when payments were missed after the economy began dipping into recession.Hardship letters are something more consistent with what you would include when you are looking at a home mortgage modification, a short sale, or qualifying for some type of benefit or adjustment on your home loan.Qualifying for a hardship program with credit card debt is literally just a matter of a phone call, and qualifying in your credit card banks system for the payment reduction.In terms of travel cover, the card provides overseas travel insurance, domestic flight inconvenience insurance and transit accident insurance. You can enjoy up to 55 days interest free on purchases, and up to three additional cardholders at no extra cost.As for retail cover, the card offers price guarantee cover, purchase cover insurance and extended warranty insurance. As a low rate platinum card this card combines a fantastic low purchase rate, platinum perks and an excellent introductory offer on balance transfers with an annual fee waiver. (Review submitted 19 October 2015)60 second response not honoured . I'm a high income earner with impeccable credit rating ., download for FREE our Balance Transfers Made Easy E-Book.

Drafting and sending a hardship letter to your credit card bank is typically unnecessary.Large credit card banks are willing to work directly with you shortly after you miss a payment.

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