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13-Jan-2018 16:38

On the night of the incident Mr Harron, from Stirling, had been having a drink at the with friends at a popular venue for young people in the Tecom area of Dubai.

Mr Harron and friend had just bought their first drink when they noticed a Jordanian man who was looking over at them from the edge of the dance floor in a 'confrontational' manner.

But his accused was 'not mollified' and demanded police arrest him.

After days in Al Barsha prison, where he was not allowed to wash himself or brush his teeth, prosecutors told Mr Harron he was charged with drinking alcohol and 'public indecency.' He was left in a foul smelling cell with another eight nationalities sleeping on the floor with one 'revolting' mattress between them.

His solicitor working with NGO Detained in Dubai said Mr Harron was now 'under immense pressure and stress'.

It comes just days after Edinburgh plasterer Billy Barclay, 31, was released after being held for trying to swap a £20 note, which he did not know was forged, at a bureau de change in Dubai.

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