Updating squidguard blacklist

04-Oct-2017 11:06

updating squidguard blacklist-87

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@fredbcode can you add a pointer to the wiki on the readme or do you want me to? Yes I think it might be a good idea to include a link to the documentation in the install or readme file as most people will read the install file when installing the program or when they are looking for more information.

When I have time I will review what you have written up and offer my feedback.

Yes I have worked out that the problem is that the default blacklist which is supplied by URL Blacklists is not comprehensive enough and actually there is some concern that they are coasting on their reputation and not really updating anything anymore.While this guide is currently hosted on my website, I would recommend at some point in time that my guide be used on the E2guardian website where everyone can find it, although you will need to edit the guide as my guide has outstanding queries and issues.In addition, I am not planning on making the guide on my website look good from a graphic design point of view as I don't have the time and the guide should be on your website anyway rather than a third party.It would be great to get all these questions answered in the final E2guardian Step by Step Guide so that everyone can benefit as I think that all too often people are asking the same questions over and over again.

Here is the link to the E2Guardian Step by Step Guide I have also completely rewritten the file and the link can be found on the E2Guardian Step by Step Guide or you can view the template here.

That is assuming that there are any changes that I myself need to make for version 4 Having said that, would a wiki be of help as we don't want dozens of possibly inaccurate guides all over the internet as some of my information may be wrong as I may be misunderstanding some things etc.