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09-Oct-2017 05:25

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Hence, because of mishandling, you are afraid that your hand practice, (colloquial for masturbation) has harmed your penis.You believe masturbation has caused damage to the blood vessels or nerves in the penis. MY DOCTOR TELLS: SCIENTIFIC ANSWER IS: The reply is simple: One’s own body part cannot, does not harm or hurt another part.

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The argument they give is: Penis is not meant to be rubbed in hand but is made for softer vaginal passage.

You eat three additional dishes and say, “Now I am done. A person coaxes you to eat just one more dish and offers a reward of five thousand rupees/dollars/pounds/whatever. A doctor offers you a tablet and says you will be able to eat more if you take the pill. Even if one of the party guys threatens with a gun on your head, you don’t eat more. In a similar way the sexual excitement and arousal keeps increasing every day.

Body has auto mechanism to stop excess food intake. One fine day you have the privacy, so you get a chance to masturbate. Body has an auto control mechanism whereby you cannot exceed your body limits.

Have you ever heard the doctor saying, “The patient is weak so arrange for semen to infuse strength in him”?

You’ve never heard that because seminal fluid has no strength in it.

Some believe that one drop of semen is equivalent to one hundred drops of blood.

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