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No wonder with a set of influences like this one that the music, for the most part, is of totally trippy, cosmic variety that sometimes reminds on spacey synthesizer work on Hawkwind albums, while at other times features some underlying (but not prominent) modern rhythms, really taking it all straight to Anubian Lights territory. He played a homemade synth and drum machine, while a friend provided some guitar.

The first couple of tracks are dominated by synthesized strings, creating some sort of dramatic effect. was active from 1995 to 2000 and stood for "The Moon Project". The music is a mixture of early 1980's synth-pop and some prog EM influences.

The beginning of the first track could be even mistaken for a 70's Klaus Schulze number. Marc started with guitar, playing in groups, doing experimental, noisy sets of music. Recorded in the early 1980's by 16-year old Andy Popplewell, T. Given the number of similar fakes that have sprung up during the last several years (how many times a supposed "archived material by an unknown synth guy" turned out to be a recent anonymous work by some musician sponsored by a synth-craze infected label?

Starting from "Too Near the Sun" things become more rhythmic, technoish beats combined with strings, effects and various synth sounds, both lead and background ones. The first synthesizer followed and by the early 1980's Marc had a small studio ready for recording. ) I was a bit skeptical, but for now there's no evidence of it being fake.

I just wish they'd step it up a notch in the sound quality department. No One Came Out Last Night (2007) Waist Deep Seas of Milk (2007) Fundamentals of Orchid Biology (2008) EEDCD-07 (2008) Wind Blown Guitar (2009) Pentecost (2010) I Am the Wolf (2011) Hand of Clovers (2012) Wr027 (2012) Leaving This Planet (2013) Crypsis (2017)Experimental musician from New York.

He mostly works with processed guitar sounds and the results are usually quite ambient.

Gwyddion version a function or other symbol was introduced in is noted in its entry, at least in the stable documentation.

API documentation is also present in source tarballs and development packages.

This is the case with Takahashi Sato, Yuji Plays Yuji and Twilight, the latter featuring one side of compositions by fellow jazz musician Masahiko Togashi.

1 (2008) Purple Diluvian (2008) Views From A Red Train (2008) Vintage Years Anthology (2008) (recorded in 1967 - ??