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The result is a tense and often terrifying tale, that outshines and outscares any number of budget-heavy, studio horrors.Without Herschell Gordon Lewis' low budget gore-fest, there would be no Halloween, no Evil Dead et al, and basically half of the '80s video industry would be missing. In fact, it's fair to say that with his entrail packed (however loosely) exploitationer, marketing guru Lewis opened the abattoir doors for 'meat content' in films generally - and that includes the likes of ear severing, and faces melting before the wrath of God.- this burst like a firework on the indie world, and acted as a wake-up call to the US indie scene.You're not the only ones setting the pace now, guys.An object lesson in how to shoot at speed, this smashes the stereotype of the talky, heavy European indie.Cube is proof - if proof were needed - that you only need simple concept to make an arresting, interesting film.Even if you leave the gore aside, the film raked in million from a budget of ,500. With its air of eerie verisimilitude, Tobe Hooper's chilling horror stands light years apart from the other film based on the gory exploits of the real-life serial killer, Ed Gein.Shot for around 0,000, with money allegedly re-routed from the success of runaway porn hit, Deep Throat, it's Chainsaw's dead-eyed, almost cinema verite approach that truly unnerves.

John Cusack's turn as repentant hit man Martin Blank marks the single greatest '80s throwback, killer-for-hire rom-com ever made.

Taking a small group of people, a confined space and a heavy dose of sinister mystery, Vincenzo Natali probes the darker reaches of human nature, placing his unwitting characters in the ultimate prison: a network of revolving chambers interspersed with intricate (and oft-fatal) traps.

Cube was shot in one-and-a-half 14' by 14' chambers and the director blagged free visual effects from a Toronto-based company keen to show their support for domestic movie making.

The dinner scene, where Marilyn Burns comes dangerously close to having her head smashed in with a hammer, is the most memorable example of Hooper's edgy approach - something he would never capture again in a career that has since gone spectacularly off the rails. George Miller was well aware of when he changed careers from physician to filmmaker.

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Not letting a paltry budget of 0,000 phase him, he fused the cult American sci-fi flick A Boy And His Dog with his own penchant for seeing muscle cars and road bikes moving fast and coming to a scattered end.An action movie filmed for the price of a second hand Ford Fiesta - Michael Bay, you have much to learn.

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