Deaf woman dating

02-Jan-2018 02:27

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This way, if this date works out and you have many more (and get married and settle down), you can pull out the 'notes from our first date' and she will get all weepy and you will get you some. If Seinfeld has taught us anything, it's that the word "six" can easily be confused with the word "sex" when reading lips: "All right, we're taking a car service. Tracing out "You are cute" on a dates palm whilst holding their had is very intimate.I dated a deaf girl in high school for a brief period.IMHO, you'll also have a much better chance of seeing a movie which will connect with both of you and you can refer to later in whatever means of communication works for you.There's less likelihood of the movie being about things blowing up. " When I was a post grad one of my collegues and good friends was a completely deaf lady.All my communication so far has been either via IM, email, and a few times stuff written or typed for each other in person.

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So you could actually go to a club and go dancing -- I've seen several deaf people who seemed to be enjoying themselves dancing. A movie probably wouldn't be good as a first date thing, even if it was subtitled -- I don't think movies make good first dates.

I'd assume that the woman you're dating has a long history of figuring out how to communicate with people who aren't deaf, so it's not like she's going to be surprised if you don't know sign language.

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