Problem validating email blackberry pagdating ng panahon when the

16-Jul-2017 01:08

Applications running on i Pads and i Phones can authenticate corporate servers using privately issued certificates that are given instructions to trust them.

One high-risk option is to simply let users accept unknown CA certificates.

Unfortunately the core functionality hasn't changed that much - you're still limited to the basic POP/IMAP/Exchange setups, with the same nearly universal settings and options.

Aside from the facelift, there isn't a whole lot to see.

Apple i Pads and i Phones can communicate with back-end servers securely in many ways, but IT has to configure the devices to accept valid CA certificates.

CA certificates from trusted root CAs are essential for public-facing servers such as e-commerce sites, but many companies prefer to use their own CA to issue certificates to corporate email, Web, virtual private network (VPN) and other servers not intended for public use.In this way, IT can permit secure connections to trustworthy servers without throwing the door wide open.