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Sri lankan mothers smother their children ( especially boys ) like crazy. how do you expect your son to grow up into a man and fend for himself? One of my friends is the ultimate gold digger ( sorry D ) she doesn't pay for anything. mama oyata kamathi ' verbal abuse, love letters in books, unknown missed calls, following girls to their houses ( stalking ), creepy SMS's ( text's) .. ) he desperately tries to keep them because they know as soon as they let the girl go there are about 10 million other stalkers .. So you better suck up and spend your mom and dad's hard earned money that they gave you for tuition fee's on your ' sudu manike' ( white gem??They cook, clean, wash and tend to their every need. Do you honestly think that he will have an independent life after you have suffocated him with motherly love? ) or she will be hanging out with Siripala from the handiya bakery sooner or later. Whether be it your dad, brother, husband or bf they all just have such good hearts.. 5 key battles Live streaming India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI, will be streamed live on cricket score and updates The live cricket score and updates of India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI, will be available on READ | Manish Pandey keeps patience as his mantra ahead of India vs Sri Lanka ODITV broadcast India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI, will be broadcast live on Sony Six and other channels of Sony Ten network.It's just like having a personal maid ( not the sexy french maid kind .. ( ohh god its my addiction acting up again )) but it's you mom. I guess it's because they know that once the little man running around in his diaper gets hair around his pee pee he will find ANOTHER woman and leave her. Maybe I am just jealous that my parents never brought me dessert to my room, washed and folded my clothes, cleaned my room, packed me lunch, brought me food while I was 'studying' in my room when I am IN MY TWENTIES !! There are so many other things that I can think of .. And to prevent this from happening they guilt trip their sons by doing EVERYTHING for them. but I have to finish this stupid assignment so I guess I will have to update this later... The offering of lamps is one of the main aspects of the worship of the Bodhi-tree (bodhi-puja).

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The thread is used by tying a piece around the arm or the wrist, and the water by drinking it or sprinkling it, according to requirements.

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yes this is something that I wanted to talk about for such a long time. You will NOT find a Sri lankan guy that has been breast fed by there mom's till about the age of 6.

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If you are currently dating or have ever had the privilege (or horror) of dating,marry, divorce, common law partners with, living with, having an affair with or if you are just plain sleeping with one right now then you would know what I am talking about. As gross and disturbing as it sounds that is how it is. well the ones in Sri lanka are (or so I've heard) flowers, chocolate, jewelry, written poems and love songs, lunches, dinners, clothes, cell phones, cars, houses, .. And Sri lankan girls take FULL advantage of this fact. I guess it's all about the fact that in Sri Lanka the male to available female ratio is so low that when a guy gets a girl ( from the countless ' ahh nangi ..Here you won't be seeing any sort of free Sri Lanka sex videos, only the hottest ones and the wildest ones that will leave you wanting more and more as the quality is fucking sensational!