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Our driver had on some kind of “Barangay Captain” hat which claimed would protect us from anyone fukkin’ with us about anything. So we sputtered around a few more corners til I spot this tight-looking, tan-skinned girl in pink pants walking along and I motion for the driver to stop beside her.So we approach and say Hi, and she’s definitely caught off guard and nervous and you can tell by the look on her face.We ate, swam in the pool, watched TV and literally fucked like wild forrest rabbits before I sent her home so I could re-join the boys for that nights bar-hop.Man, three more nuts AFTER the Trike Patrol scene load disposal around 2pm earlier. Of course it helped she was a lusty, sex-addict herself too.I fucked the shit out of her doggy-style and then finished up in missionary blasting her face.The face load thing became my normal routine pretty quickly. This was literally like the 4th or 5th Trike Patrol ride ever taken back in 2005, (ignore that the pre-roll says “Episode 14”) and it was one of the first to go off the site several years ago after a server crash. I spent the better part of 2 days last week restoring some partial files on the ol’ hard drive and was able to completely restore one of the earliest episodes we ever filmed.

So on this patrol, we told our driver to cruise around one of the residential areas across Eisenhower Highway, and got kinda lost back there at first, with people coming out of their houses and peering out their windows wondering just what the fuck we were doin’.

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