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In the west and southwestern regions the climate is dry and desertlike because of low rainfall and/or deforestation.

The capital, Santo Domingo, was the first permanent European settlement in the New World and was established by Spain in 1496.

Much of the region is a desert and it includes Lake Enriquillo, the island's largest lake.

Lake Enriquillo is a saltwater lake that lies 150 feet (46 meters) below sea level and is inhabited by unique fauna, including crocodiles, huge iguanas, and flamingos.

In addition, they retain close ties with the United States, which occupied the island in the early twentieth century.

The national community is struggling to build a democracy against a corrupt and authoritarian political elite. The Dominican Republic is located on the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola and is 18,816 square miles (48,734 square kilometers), about twice the size of New Hampshire.

By 1804 the black African slaves in the western portion of the island (now Haiti) rebelled against the French and ruled the entire island.

Sixteen percent is Caucasian and 11 percent is black, which includes a Haitian minority.

A few years later the city of Santo Domingo became the Spanish capital of the New World, and because of its location in the trade winds, it was the gateway to the Caribbean.

France gained a foothold on the western end of the island, which became prosperous, and by 1795 Spain ceded the entire island to France.

After the overthrow, Pedro Santana, one of the leaders in the revolution, became the first president of the Dominican Republic.

The complex heritage of Arawak, Spanish, African, and French traditions, plus an early independence, set the Dominican Republic apart from other Caribbean islands.

The central region is dominated by the Cordillera Central (central range) which ends at the Caribbean Sea.

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