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In order to understand this, it is important to give a background of the inhabitants of Hispania at the time.The Iberian Peninsula was populated by Celts, Iberians, Sephardic Jews, Romans and Visigoths.In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. This is the text that Abd al Aziz ibn Musa presented to Teodomiro ibn Gandaris, in virtue in which it is agreed that in the territory will be in peace by the promising it to God, His Prophets and His Messengers that this territory will be protected by God y the protection of His Messenger Muhammad- peace be upon him. The majority of Visigoths were Unitarian, meaning that they believed in only one God and were waiting the coming of the Messiah. The rulers of Hispania in 711 AD were Visigoths as well.However, it was a civilization that constantly used force as a means of controlling the citizens of the peninsula, which resulted incessant instability.They believed in only one God, saw Jesus as a Prophet and awaited the Messiah, exactly as Muslims. The following treaty was signed in 713 CE-within two years after the first organized entry of Muslims into Spain from the south under the command of Tariq ibn Ziyad-between the Arab commander Abdal-Aziz and Theodomir, the Visigothic prince of Murcia, is a proof of the freedoms the natives of Hispania enjoyed after the Arab conquests.

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His followers will not be killed or taken prisoner, nor will they be separated from their women and children. Although there were other capitulation agreements with the same nature dating from 711, this one signed on the surrender of the city of Orihuela has survived to this date.

Nobody will be forced, nothing will be taken away from you; Nobody will be slaves; you will not be separated from your wife or children; you lives will be respected; you will not be killed and your churches will not be burned down. (Text of the Treaty of the Visigoth Ruler of Murcia, Teodomiro and Abd Al Aziz).7 "In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate.

This is a document [granted] by 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Musá ibn Nusair to Tudmir, son of Ghabdush, establishing a treaty of peace and the promise and protection of God and his Prophet) may God bless him and grant him peace).

According to the way that history is taught in most Spanish schools, the Moors invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 711 AD.

Here, the following question can be asked: Who did the Moors invade?They will not be coerced in matters of religion, their churches will not be burned, nor will sacred objects be taken from the realm, [so long as] he [Tudmir] remains sincere and fulfills the [following] conditions that we have set for him. The inhabitants of the conquered territories of Spain were suitably impressed by the tolerance which the Muslims offered them once active resistance had ceased.

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