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A host of newspaper and magazine photographers recorded the events, headed by official CAC photographer Mike Neporadny.

Some 30 of Thesz' friends and former ring foes took turns alternating friendly jibes with volumes of praise for the quietly dignified 81-year-old who, for so many years, reigned as professional wrestling's "real" heavyweight champion. back around 1928 or '29." No small number of the roasters chose to remember Thesz as a shooter and tough man to handle in the ring. " Rolland (Red) Bastein had one of his favorite presents, a gold-plated crowbar, to present to Thesz in honor of his stiff wrestling habits.

That spirit survives beyond the wrestling meets and duels -- even beyond age.

It took a little more of the Cauliflower Alley Club members' attention than perhaps it had for past renewals, but the annual West Coast Reunion Banquet came off without many hitches in the Empire Room of the Studio City, Calif., Sportsmen's Lodge Saturday evening, March 14.

For the immediate future, at least five people will officially carry on in Abrams absence: Lauer, from his Missouri home, will take charge of membership cards and dues notices; Brittany Brown was appointed CAC secretary; Tom and Chris Drake will take over the treasurership and the financial reins of the organization; and longtime communication secretary Maria Bernardi will continue in that role.

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I did a lot of winning in amateur wrestling, because you win every time you compete.The challenge is to stay focused, stay consistent, stay fit and stay ready. Another great aspect of wrestling is it's equal opportunity.